The Dark Room

Although far from professional quality, my photo taking skills have improved over the past couple of years as I have come to appreciate lighting, composition and depth of field in a way which I never would have considered when I first started with digital photography.

I’ve recently started collecting a bit more photo gear, and as such I’m setting up a separate page which lists my equipment.

Flickr Photo Sets

The following is a list of my most recent photo sets at Flickr. If you want the full list of sets or collections, you can head straight to Flickr.

Hot Pot
9 photos
Sifnos 2011
9 photos
Athens 2011
11 photos
5 photos
Daily Shoot
49 photos

The photos in these sets are hosted using the photo site, Flickr.

Local Photo Sets

Dalhousie Convocation
25 May 2005
57 photos
Road Trip 2005
12–21 August 2005
68 photos

Legacy Photos

It turns out I am pretty unmotivated to consolidate all of my photos scattered over the Internet here, so instead I'll just add some links to the various places my memories lie.

There are other photos and snapshots scattered about the two previously mentioned sites, but these are harder to link to in an organized manner. Previous to my time in Europe, before which is when I acquired my first DSLR, my shots were more personal in nature and tended to be stored and viewed locally within my group of friends. I still have most of these photos, but I doubt I'll get around to sharing them, or that I even really want to. :)


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