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Snowing in Edmonton

While it had been forecast for the weekend, it had held off until now. It is currently snowing—and accumulating—in Edmonton.

After our initial east coast admirations of it, cameras were grabbed and photos taken. Then I realized that this might be the only snow I see until I head home for Christmas, and even then there is no guarentee, what with the unpredictable snow patterns of the last few years.

Hopefully the snow won’t affect me getting to the airport and in turn my flight from departing back to Vancouver.

I bid you all wintery greetings.

November 10, 2008

Winter fun

When I was on my way into the office today, I noted how nice and warm it was, especially after our bout of chilly weather this past week. Of course, as I’ve mentioned on countless occasions, anything here is warmer than at home in Canada this time of year. So to share a bit of the wintry goodness with everyone, I wanted to showcase a before and after photo of the seven-foot snowman that my brother built in December. As most people who have built a snowman can tell you, they don’t last forever, many not lasting more than a day or two before the forces of nature or neighbourhood kids bring it to a snowy grave.

However, a mound of snow the size of that snowman does have some staying power. But a day of rain will have a toll, and the after photo shows a redressing of the tiny bit of snow that was left after a mild and wet Christmas Eve. Not much left of Frosty there.
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January 6, 2008


Bermuda: 15°C
Halifax: 0.3°C

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