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Better iPhone support

Well it took longer than I expected but I’ve managed to create a stylesheet for this site aimed specifically at the iPhone. So if you have one, you can browse to this site and take a look. It is stil a long way from completely done, but in a state where it is certainly ready for the public. The drawback being that I am beyond tired now.

Update: Some of my admin pages are in need of some TLC but nobody else sees those anyway.

September 5, 2009

iPhone decision

Here we are on the eve of the new iPhone 3G launch, and I can imagine that there are a lot of people out there sleeping in the streets waiting to be the first in line to get one. I would say, that in most countries, in most cities, that if you haven’t already ordered one, or are currently waiting in line, you likely won’t get one for at least a week or more. Has this ever happened for a phone before? Has this ever happened on this scale for anything before? Perhaps, but not recently.

That said, us Canadians have some potentially high rates to consider if wanting to buy an iPhone. Rogers, in typical Rogers fashion, has decided to not only charge upwards of $100 or more for the plans, which don’t even include unlimited data, but they are planning to lock people into 3 year contracts.

The UK on the other hand, seems to have it pretty well. For £35 monthly I could get 600 minutes of voice and 500 texts and unlimited data. All of that and only an 18 month contract—half of what we need here. It is almost enough to make you want to move to the UK. Which coincidentally enough, just might happen for me. I don’t really have any details, other than to say it is possible. But I would certainly be there long enough to fulfill one of these contracts.

So to answer everyone who has been asking, no I’m not getting an iPhone tomorrow. I want one, bad, but logistics and sanity have kept me from queuing up for the past few days. I will likely not get one in the next few months. If it looks like I’m not heading to the UK, then I will rethink my options, but until then I can wait. In the mean time I will download the iPhone SDK on my new Intel iMac and develop applications and play with them in the iPhone emulator. Perhaps if I make something useful and work related I can convince my company to adopt the iPhone. One can dream.

July 10, 2008

iPhone, it seems official

Anyone who followed the WWDC keynote today or has been on the Apple website today would know that there was some big news in the iPhone world. They introduced the 3G iPhone, to be released in 22 countries initially on July 11: one of which is Canada. Looking at the Rogers site, they too have a advertisement indicating something “big” coming July 11. They don’t say iPhone, but I think the allusion is clear now that Apple has released the news.

In addition to the wider availability, the new iPhone features GPS, Enterprise integration, and the faster speeds associated with the 3G network. There is also the new MobileMe concept, dubbed the “Exchange for the rest of us” which allows for exchange server-like synchronization across your devices: Macs, PCs and iPhones.

Exciting. This will be a long month. :)

June 9, 2008

iPhone in Canada

Although beat to the punch in mentioning it by my brother Adam, I will make a cursory note that according to MacRumors, Apple has forged a deal with Rogers to bring the iPhone to Canada. It has been almost a year since the iPhone first released to much anticipation in the US, and it has been available in the UK for a few months now as well. As the article mentions, Apple is rumoured to be planning a release of a 3G iPhone in June. I also know that Rogers is rolling out coverage of HSPA (referred to as 3.5G) in urban areas in Canada. I’m not sure what will end up being available with the iPhone, but it being Canada I imagine that the plans will be pretty expensive.

Articles were recently written about Apple turning a smiling, blind eye to all of the statistics about the number of iPhones being purchased in the US, unlocked and then sold elsewhere in the world. There is some hope that Apple will soon offer iPhones available in an unlocked state for use with whatever network suits you.

April 29, 2008

iPhone Unlocking

On the heels of Apple's announcement that one million iPhones have been sold in the 74 days since they were released, word is out on a new, freely available unlocking solution for the popular phone. The software and some basic instructions should be available for some time at their current locations before the legal wheels start rolling over them. Of course, the Internet being the way it is, they should always be available somewhere. Already mirrors of the files are popping up. It will be interesting to see what this does to iPhone sales once the procedure is simple enough for most people to be able to perform it. My guess is that Apple will find themselves with some serious international draw as this previously US-only device becomes available to the global community.
September 12, 2007


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