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There is quiet, and then there is Bose QuietComfort 2. At least that is what I have found today. I’m not sure what was the particular trigger this morning, but not long after waking up, I was determined that I was going to get a pair of noise canceling headphones. As a huge fan of the headphones I bought back in April, I also knew I was hooked on Bose. If you fly, this style of headphone is a Godsend.

The executive summary of how they work is that they sample the ambient noise around the headphones while they are on and produce a sound wave opposite to that noise. The net effect is that the two sounds cancel each other out and provide your ear with silence. Real silence. I thought my deserted office today was quiet, but when I turned these new headphones on—wow!

Granted they are pricey, and I do have another perfectly good set of headphones at home, but now I don’t need to tote them back and forth to work, or settle for less than excellent at either location. Plus when it comes time to fly again, which I suspect will be fairly soon, I’ll be ready.

Some things to note for anyone considering these over the other around-the-ear from Bose. These require a battery—a single AAA. They are single-side corded which is detachable at that in case you just want the noise canceling. All the connectors are gold plated for conductivity. They come with an airplane adapter, a five foot extension cable, a 1/4” adapter and a hard case. The other headphones only come with the extension and 1/4” adapter and a soft carrying bag. These ones are obviously intended for people who fly.

As an interesting side note regarding audio on planes: Air Canada’s newer entertainment system, the one with personal touch screens, don’t take the traditional double plugs, but instead allow you to use your normal 1/8” headphone plug.

September 14, 2008

Better sound through research

I have never really looked at myself as much of a music aficionado, but for some reason, I am very picky about my headphones. And my primary metric for evaluating them has always been comfort. I have had a number of different headphones throughout the years, some worked out, some didn’t.

Instead of simply saying that I bought a new pair of incredible headphones both from a comfort and audio clarity perspective, I am going to regale everyone with a trip down headphone memory lane.
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April 29, 2008


Bermuda: 15°C
Halifax: 0.3°C

Backpack: Get Organized and Collaborate
You would see an amazing transformation of enterprise software if you tied the annual bonus of the buyer to the level of user satisfaction of the software. #