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September 22, 2008


Since the iPhone isn’t officially available in Canada, those of us with strong Apple ties need to express our allegiances some other way. If you happen to have a BlackBerry, then you can do your part to make the experience more iPhone like with the bPhone theme. The site itself really shows what it is that you will be getting, but basically it is a theme which will make your BlackBerry resemble the iPhone. You still don’t get a touch screen, but it does make your icons nice and shiny and tweaks your colours and fonts to look nicer.

Thanks to Kevin DaCosta for planting the idea that there might be a theme like this, and my apologies for stealing your thunder with this amigo.

April 18, 2008

Rain and computer design

Since I have started working, I have been familiarizing myself with the Microsoft product line a bit more, out of necessity, and while it will never be my first love, I came across an interesting set of computer designs today in one of my feeds. Now, I don't think that Microsoft designed these, but certainly such devices being associated with the company provides an interesting twist on conventional views.

MS Longhorn Concept PCs

Definitely some nice design there. Good to see someone stepping up to that particular plate.

On an unrelated note... a very soggy day in Bermuda today. Of course it would happen on the one day that I wanted/needed to bring my laptop into the office. Note to self, buy a rain coat.

November 29, 2007


Bermuda: 15°C
Halifax: 0.3°C

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