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Because we would be at the beach

What a pleasant Saturday. After a great brunch, we headed down to the English Bay beach for some sunning. I, of course, was wearing my SPF 50 liquid sweater. And good thing, because the sun was relentless. We were also treated to some interesting spectacles to say the least. The heat brings out some real characters. But after a good sun soaking, a little bit air conditioned dining goes a long way. We had lunch/dinner at Milestones, which was a perfect cap to the beach front adventure. And now we are going over the Lionsgate Bridge heading into North Van to potentially catch a movie.

Hope the weather is treating other areas as well. Adieu.

July 12, 2008

Long weekend camping

Most unlike me to not mention upcoming things in my life, especially when they are interesting ones like a weekend camping trip to Vancouver Island. As it turns out, camping is a pretty common activity in BC, with the May long weekend being the point when most camping fans break out their gear for another season. I headed out with my friend and coworker Jordan and his girlfriend on Friday, and along with seven others spent the three nights in Green Point Campground, which is in the Pacific Rim National Park.

I will also quickly warn you that this is a long post. Lets just say I have written university papers that were shorter. It is pretty much a blow by blow account of what I did over this weekend. You may enjoy it, I tried to make it entertaining, but in reality it is mostly for me. A historical record that I can look back on in years to come and remember with fondness these good times. My desire to create and publish are the only reasons it doesn’t remain a file on my computer. All the best. :)
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May 25, 2008

Blown into everywhere

Sand that is. After spending the morning lazing around, I decided to take my lazing to the beach since I had a good time last week. I didn’t feel like making the arrangements to meet up with anyone, and I didn’t really know what my plan was so I just head out on my own. This time I took the bus there. Walking the last little bit to the beach from the bus, I was glad to feel that it was still quite warm. Sheltered by walls and the foliage of the island, I didn’t realize just how windy it was.

And was it ever. There were a number of kite surfers at the beach… kite surfing, and I wandered down the sand a bit to try to find a sheltered area. There wasn’t one. Well, I did find a ledge behind a large rock formation which afforded some relief, but I have never before experienced such constantly blowing sand. It was getting into everything. So I walked down to the water, got my feet wet and that was about it. Not nearly as nice as last weekend. I caught the bus back and showered. And I’m still finding sand.

February 23, 2008

Beach Day

I can finally say, after about 3.5 months in Bermuda that I have been to the beach. And not just to take photos, but actually swimming and sunning. My colleague Jordan mentioned that he was planning to hit the beach today, and wondered whether or not I would care to head over as well. I figured it was about time, and as long as the weather was decent, it would be a good time.

After a long hot trek over, on which I was met by Jordan, we arrived to the white sands of Elbow Beach. There we were met by another colleague Victoria. Jordan and I, still quite warm from the walk up to the beach, ended up going swimming for about ten or fifteen minutes. Afterwards we sat on the beach chairs and chatted. The clouds would block our sun from time to time, but it remained nice. The white sands and turquoise water were both quite surreal. I’m certain that this is the first time that I have been swimming at a beach in February. I have dipped my feet into the Mediterranean in December, but I would hardly call that swimming. And I wasn’t laying around in a bathing suit.

To all of my friends and family reading this amidst sub-zero temperatures, I apologize. ;)

February 16, 2008


Bermuda: 15°C
Halifax: 0.3°C

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