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This site has taken a while to really come of age, but I think that things are moving in a direction I can be content with, at least for a couple of months. The site is hosted by the excellent Web Savers, who offer a great package for a reasonable price. Most of the server-side programming is done in PHP, but you may find a Ruby script or two lurking around. Many of the systems, including weblog are customized and built off of a web application framework called echo!. This platform allows for a quicker, more active development of a truly interactive site.

The layout and content of the site were created using TextMate, a superb text editor for Mac OS X. Graphic elements were all created by hand in Photoshop, and Transmit FTP completes the workflow.

About Colin Bate

I am a software developer currently working for a financial institution in Bermuda. I enjoy any sort of web technology and have been involved with web development for over eleven years. I also have a real love to travel and live in different places. I completed an Erasmus Mundus Masters program in Network and eBusiness Centred Computing from 2005 to 2007, which allowed me to live and study in England, Greece and Spain.

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It's not necessary that each program be a visual work of art. But it's important that it not be ugly. #